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           The Marble Machine was introduced to "Marble Crazy" in the year, 2004.  Artist John McCormick conceived the idea of creating this machine after a visit to the Moon Marble Company.  Like many other enthusiasts that have visited the store, John was inspired by Bruce Breslow’s demonstration to take up the craft of marble making. Unlike those other enthusiasts who proceeded to take lessons in glass working, John (a mechanical engineer) was interested in designing and creating a machine to make marbles.
          He started his first design in January of 2002 and completed it in March 2003. Using an original patent of a marble machine invented by M.F. Christensen in 1902, John designed a machine with two wheels that turn in opposite directions.  These wheels are spaced at just the right distance apart and turn at just the right speeds so that a glob of molten glass dropped between the wheels will remain suspended in them and spin to form a sphere.  Once the sphere is formed and the glass starts to cool, the wheels are slowly separated to allow the marble to drop out of the machine. The end result is a marble approximately 5/8" in diameter.
          John demonstrates this machine almost continuously throughout the "Marble Crazy" event. He has created a second machine that produces marbles that are 1" and larger in diameter. The larger machine is also demonstrated once or twice during "Marble Crazy" in the Furnace Working demonstration area.

    click here to see patent from 1902

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